Free Hosting

Attention YouTube content providers.  

If you have a channel dedicated to the early days of computing, 8-bit computers, or just old electronics and would like to have a free website, look no further.

For a limited time, we are offer FREE website design and hosting packages.   These packages are completely free of charge and your to take with you should you decide you want to host elsewhere.     We can provide you with your own custom domain name or use one you already have and by registering the domain name with our service, your site will be entitled to a free SSL certificate used to secure your content and increase your ratings on Google.

There is no catch, no hidden fees or costs and the site always remains yours to keep.    We are doing this because we bought a huge package with our service provider and have lots of room to host other sites.   Our servers are constantly maintained and up-to-date with the latest patches and our automated backup solution will ensure your site is safe and always available.  All we need from you is some basic guidance on what you want your site to look like and what content should be available.  We will do the rest.

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